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Our approach to accessibility

The Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) made it illegal for anyone providing a service in the UK (in the public, private and voluntary sectors) to discriminate against people with disabilities, and accessibility of a website is obtained technically by following the guidelines provided by W3C (the World Wide Web Consortium).

We want to make sure that all our websites are as usable as possible for our customers, so that each person can access the information they require in a complete and satisfactory manner.

Some of the key accessibility checks and features included within our sites are:

  • Using a consistent layout and ensuring the navigation works in a consistent way throughout the website
  • Using a standard web font to make it easy for all to read
  • Not using colour as the only way to convey important information
  • In most cases, adjustable font size according to the users needs using standard browser and operating system options
  • Using alternative text on images, text boxes and links
  • Making feedback and access to us as easy as possible
  • Full keyboard control, the tab key may be used to navigate between different content and data-entry fields
  • Providing alternative content where Flash is used

How to increase the size of text in your browser:

  • Internet Explorer: View > Text Size. You can also use Tools > Internet options > Accessibility
  • Firefox: View > Text Size > Increase Font, or use the keyboard shortcut by pressing Control and +.
  • Opera: View > Preferences > Fonts then change Minimum Font Size
  • Safari: Safari > Preferences > Advanced then select minimum font size to display

Some shortcuts (or access keys) have been also been included to provide keyboard shortcuts to important sections using the keystroke combinations listed below. This allows users with disabilities to skip the header entirely and go directly to the information contained. The combinations require simultaneous use of the ALT key (or CTRL for Apple users) together with a numerical key (it is sometimes necessary to also press the 'Enter' key to activate the command):

Fusion Corporate site
ALT+c – Jump to content
ALT+1 – Home
ALT+2 – What We Offer
ALT+3 – Directory
ALT+4 – Memberships
ALT+5 – About Fusion
ALT+6 – News
ALT+7 - Jobs
ALT+8 – Contact Us
ALT+0 – Accessibility

Area & Centre sites
ALT+c – Jump to content
ALT+1 – Fusion Corporate Home
ALT+2 – Area or Centre Home
ALT+3 – Centres
ALT+4 – Facilities
ALT+5 – Activities
ALT+6 – News
ALT+7 – Community
ALT+8 – About Us
ALT+9 – Jobs
ALT+0 – Accessibility


Disability Discrimination Act (1995)

  • Under the Disability Discrimination Act a person is disabled if they have a physical or mental impairment which has a substantial and long term adverse effect on their ability to carry out day to day activities.
  • A substantial adverse effect is something which is more than a minor or trivial effect.
  • A long-term impairment is one;
    • Which has lasted at least 12 months; or
    • Where the total period for which it lasts is likely to be at least 12 months; or
    • Which is likely to last for the rest of the life of the person affected
    • Which is recognised by a body of medical opinion.
  • Those specifically excluded from the act include:
    • Addiction to or dependency on alcohol, nicotine or any other substance (other than as a result of the substance being medically prescribed)
  • Seasonal allergic rhinitis (e.g. hayfever), except where it aggravates the effect of another condition.

We are committed to making our site more accessible and welcome any comments or suggestions you may have.

Please call us on 020 7740 7500 or Contact Us.

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